Unlike in the past, the club's "in-house" angling competitions, although still successful events, have admittedly not been supported quite as well as they might have been. Around half of the boats berthed in the club are angling type boats and do go afloat to enjoy the sport as often as they can. A majority of our current anglers are more inclined to "do their own thing" as and when the conditions and their own time allows. 


Some of the boats stick together whilst others go their own way, sometimes finding fish, sometimes not, but either way its an enjoyable venture. Despite the lack of fish compared to twenty years ago, some good catches are still made by those willing to hunt for the catch. There is of course plenty of "friendly" banter between the anglers with some having "special, secret spots" that others cannot locate. There is also a great camaraderie between, not only the anglers, but all boat owners/users in the club and everyone will always lend a hand if, as and when it's needed.


As with boating in general, anglers have no restriction on when they are able to go afloat or return. We don’t have a boatman to say whether you can take to the water or not, it is entirely up to your discretion - although we do insist every launch and return is recorded and craft must be equipped with all necessary emergency items such as flares, oars etc. as appropriate. Mindful of the need to conserve fish stocks we also adhere to minimum landing sizes relating to catches. This is based on the now defunct NFSA guidelines but is available on request for reference.