The club was first established in 1965 with our first "clubhouse" being a used caravan situated at the rear of the boat compound and which we immediately outgrew. In 1970 a more permanent structure was planned and subsequently built by the members and which opened officially in April 1971 allowing us to expand our social activities.



Unfortunately, in November 1971, a large boulder fell from the cliff and smashed through the roof of the building causing considerable damage. This necessitated relocation of the building to its present safer location that re-opened in April 1973. Since then our clubhouse has become an extremely popular venue for boating activities of all sorts as well as catering for our regular social events and member’s private parties such as birthday celebrations and wedding receptions.



The clubhouse has recently been refurbished and has new comfortable seating, a pool table,  and an unobscured 180 degree seaward view.

180 degree view seaward from the clubhouse