EVERY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 9.30am - 2.00pm-ish!

Following the easing of most restrictions, as to all things Covid security, a recent meeting of the Committee decided that members and their guests should act in the way they're most comfortable with - a bit like visiting the supermarket. The one thing we'd ask is that people avoid congregating at the bar unnecessarily in order to protect our bar staff.

There is beer. There is wine. There are spirits. And there are even soft drinks! Plus tea and coffee!! And maybe some snacks too. What there will not be, to start with, is a full-on breakfast menu. We have to engage new kitchen staff, as well as determine demand - on a regular basis - for the infamous HMBYC breakfast. If you'll be down every week for one then let the bar staff know as it will help us identify true demand which will directly determine what we procure from the wholesalers. (Not much point spending the club's money on 5kg bacon if just one bacon sarnie a month gets ordered! You get the point).

So, come down and marvel at the new decking, sniff that unmistakable whiff of the HMBYC clubhouse, and reacquaint yourself with old friends and fellow members you might not have seen for ages! which nicely moves us along to ... our lovely new veranda!