Situated right on Rock-A-Nore beach, it's no surprise we have a sizeable family membership which, as well as enjoying our unique coastline, make the most of the club's social facilities whether taking to the water, shore-fishing, or simply chilling on the beach. No walking miles back along the seafront for that cup of tea, cold beer, snack or ice-cream but just a quick nip up a single flight of stairs! However, you might not want to rush back down to the beach too quickly but instead prefer to make the most of our newly extended balcony, perfect, breathe in that sea air! 


We've always placed great emphasis on providing appealing activities to all our younger members.

It's a simple logic;  the children of today will be running the club - their club - in years to come. As well as many obvious Summer water-based activities, we also hold other ever-popular events such as an Easter Egg Hunt, a children's Christmas Party (which usually includes an ice-skating session), a Halloween party as well as other more-impromptu fun allied to town events such as, for example, Carnival Week or Pirates Day. Unlike some organisations we genuinely welcome children and our kitchen has a specific Children's Menu which won't break the bank!


Whilst we pride ourselves on being family-orientated, that doesn't mean to say we don't have single members in abundance, male and female, young and old(er) -  all an integral part of the club and without whom we'd be nowhere near as popular as we are!

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